"I just want to be an example for my generation"

Ready to make an impact?


adjective  con·scious Aware, alive, wide awake.

Part conscious book club, part entrepreneurial think tank.

A high-touch mentorship group for the next generation of #conscious young people on a mission to change the world.   

The Next Generation is where entrepreneurs, influencers, thought leaders and creative geniuses come to get MOBILISED, EQUIPPED and inspiredAF to get their message out into the world.
THINK: Round table summit at the G20 (if ​​​​the G20 actually got anything done)

"It’s the perfect combo of get-shit-done practical tools and down-to-earth spiritual principals that will awaken your potential, inspire your confidence and light up your life."

Imagine if you had access to...

- A space you could go to for a GUARANTEED hit of inspiration, guidance and creative fuel whenever you needed it.

- Somewhere to not only be REMINDED of your purpose, but INSPIRED to outwork it in every area of your life.

- A place to RE-FUEL, RENEW and RE-AWAKEN that endless source of energy within you that drives the work you do in the world.

- A group of humans just as fired up and down-to-earth as you are to stand in the gap for you when you waiver in your faith. 
(We’ll be front row court side while you’re kicking ass in the arena)  

- An insanely encouraging space to get feedback on your creative baby.

- The opportunity to impart some of that insane wisdom of yours and be part of getting a new business, NGO or social enterprise get off the ground.

- A tribe of the most ambitious, kind, talented and compassionate humans on the planet right now lifting you up and cheering you on? 

What becomes possible for you then?

THE FINE ART OF THE SIDE HUSTLE: How to keep the lights on while you build your dream business. 

SELF SABOTAGE AND CONSCIOUS EXPANSION: How to consciously expand into new realms of infinite love, success, joy, bliss and abundance WITHOUT f$!&ing it up.

GOING OUT OF YOUR MIND: How to TRAIN your brain to look for opportunities, solve problems and see ANYTHING as a blessing.

FREEDOM THROUGH AUTHENTICITY: Owning your story, and how to turn your mess into a message the world needs to hear.

FLIRTING WITH THE MUSE: Overcoming Resistance, ‘downloading’ information, and becoming a channel for Divine creative energy to flow through you and into the world. 

WORKING YOUR TRIGGERS: Diving head first into darkness so you can embody the light. 

LEADING THE LIGHT WORKERS: Pioneering the new paradigm of work, play, love and living in the light. Finding your path, and leading the way for others. 

About Jae

I’m Jae Schaefer. A speaker, writer and Certified Life Coach. My purpose on this earth is to awaken your potential, activate your gifts and inspire the hell out of you to make the difference you were born to make.

At 22, I ditched my degree, quit my internship at one of Australia’s leading network newsrooms and followed my calling to awaken, enlighten and inspire millennials to create a life on their terms. I’ve spent the last three years working 1:1 with young people to sky rocket their self confidence, get clarity on their purpose and fall madly in love with themselves.

​​​​​​​Growing up in a small town - where I battled depression and addiction for most of my teens and early twenties - I KNOW how hard it can be to dream big, and keep the faith that there is more to life than what you see around you. 

You need a space to brainstorm ideas, a community who get your vision, and a place to get vulnerableAF with people who SEE your potential and REMIND you when you forget. ​​​​​​

Next Gen is my inner circle. It’s where I work INTIMATELY with the best and brightest entrepreneurs, creatives and visionaries on the planet right now to help them overcome their blocks and limiting beliefs and get their work into the world. 

Whether you're starting a business, leading a movement or restructuring the corporate system from the inside out ;) this group is for people who are ready to get EMPOWERED and EQUIPPED to be a leader in their chosen sphere. 

"I find my self wondering what the world would be like if it was compulsory for every twenty-something to spend six sessions with Jae (yes we’d need a whole lot more of her for starters) Imagine the potential, the drive, and the power of the next generation. Jae is, with out a doubt, a life-changer and a world-changer and I’d strongly urge anyone and everyone to be a part of her movement."

Eliza Stubbings, 
Copper Fork Cakes 

Hayley Richardson
Creativity coach + Marketing Guru

Jae is a talented, wise and inspiring leader for the next generation. I’m in awe of how deeply her passion for this work runs through her blood and I always come out of a conversation with her feeling like anything is possible.

Andrew Anthony
Coaching Client

Jae is beautiful, understanding, genuine and so giving. I would honestly recommend her to anyone who seriously wants to make a change. Jae, the changes you helped me to unlock have changed my life forever.

Jess Santosa
Blogger, Dating Coach

Jae is a Warrior. She lives and breathes what she does - focused on what she has been called to do, which is to draw out the purpose of young people by extracting their gold. I have never met someone so devoted to her cause. 

This group is for you if:

- You have a vision for your life and the world that both excites and scares the $*it out of you. You KNOW you can bring this thing to life, but you crave the direction, accountability and support to make it a reality.

- You are sick to DEATH of living up to others expectations and settling for less than the best this life has to offer, and you are ready to be an EXAMPLE of just how good this life can really get.

- You are ready to SEE fully and KNOW unquestionably just how freaking worthy and powerful you really are.

- You are so ready to find your tribe and be in the energy of people who just *get you*.

- You are committed to showing up 100% of the time, even when it seems like the hardest thing in the world to do, trusting you'll be supported every step of the way.

- You’re scared AF, but doing it anyway ;) 


- You have resigned yourself to the fact that we can’t change the course our planet is on.

- You are not ready to do the work. Next Gen is about making massive shifts so we can take inspired action toward the world we want to create. If you're comfortable being comfortable, carry on your merry way. We are here to stand out and RISE UP. 

You’re not committed to going ALL IN. We don’t do radio silence. We know that clarity comes from ENGAGEMENT not thought and while most of us are introverts and LOVE observing, we're ready and willing to get our ass kicked in the arena.

You are not the kind of person who gets real, raw and vulnerable (or you get insanely triggered by vulnerability in others) I will be sharing some deep, real, raw, messy, ugly parts of my journey with you and it’s not so you can laugh at my f$!& ups, it’s so we can ALL learn from them together. This tribe KNOWS the power of vulnerability and if you haven’t experienced it already, this is the SAFEST place to start. 


Your invitation
Which option feels better?
World Changer
  • - Access to the FB Group
  • - Live Weekly trainings
  • - Live 1:1 Coaching "Hot Seat" style for a new member every month
  • - Guest interviews and Live chats w some of the best and brightest game changers of our Generation 

The more you INVEST, the more you get out. That’s it. I have seen a return on EVERY SINGLE investment I have EVER made in myself. Why? Because I tune into my Soul before I sign up. If underneath the fear, self-doubt and ‘Oh my God can I really do this?’ there is EXCITEMENT and a vision for what’s possible for my life, then I go for it.

I am ALL in.

Bottom line, you know if this is for you.

All I’m asking you to do is Trust; that you are worthy of it, that you are ready for it, and that everything you need will be provided for you. 

Because when we step out in faith, the Universe meets us there.

Every. single. time.

See you in there world changer x